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Fly Tying Videos

Note: Some flies may represent more than one insect or food source

Mayfly - Dry

“Adams Irresistable” - Davie McPhail

"Comparadun" - Charlie Craven

Mayfly - Nymph

“Copper John” - IntheRiffle

“HBI Nymph” - Andy Burk

“Snowshoe Parachute” - Andy Burk

“Hare’s Ear Nymph” -

“Pheasant Tail Nymph” -

Caddis - Dry

“Elk Hair Caddis” - Canestoid

“Mercer’s Missing Link” - Gotta Stay Fly

"Chuck Caddis" - Tim Flagler

Caddis - Nymph

“Bird’s Nest Nymph” - Andy Burk

“Snowshoe Caddis” - Andy Burk

“Burk’s Bottom Roller” - Andy Burk

“Caddis Pupa” - Davie McPhail

“October Caddis Pupa” - Richard Stollis

“Caddis Larvae” -

“CDC Bubble Grannom” - Davie McPhail

“Fox’s Caddis Poopah” - Hammer Creek Fly Flyfishing


“Skwala Stonefly” - Fly Tying iTV (Joe Roope)

“Stimulator” - Davie McPhail

Midge - Nymph

“Pheasant Tail Buzzer (Midge)” - Davie McPhail

“Brassie” -

“Griffith’s Gnat” -


“Red Tag” - Andy Burk

“Chernobyl Ant”-


“Olive Wooly Bugger” - tightlinevideo

“Slumpbuster” - Tim Flagler


“SkateRat” - Andy Burk

“Pinhead Popper” - Jay “Fishy” Fuller


“How to Use a Bug Brush” - Andy Burk

“Blend Your Own Dubbing” - Andy Burk

“No Waste Wire Weight Wrapping” - Tim Flagler

“Use a Whip Finish Tool to Cut Thread” - Tim Flagler

“Hackle Feather Tie In: Three Ways” - Tim Flagler

“Tying with Partridge Feathers - In the Riffle

"Borger Double Hitch" - Tim Flagler

"Bobbin Double Half-Hitch"- Tim Flagler

"Easy Extended Body" - Tim Flagler

"Tying In Mylar Tubing" - Tim Flagler

"Hackle Feathers" - Tim Flagler

Pyramid Lake Flies

“Pyramid Lake Wooly Worm” - Andy Burk

“Pyramid Lake Glitter Midge” - Andy Burk

“Pyramid Lake Tadpole” - Andy Burk

“Sno-Cone Midge” - Arlo Townsend

“Maholo Nymph” - Original pattern by Rob Anderson (Not a


“Mahalo Nymph” - Lance Dean

“Patriot Midge” -Lance Dean

“Popcorn Beetle” - Lance Dean

New Series

Tying With Tom

“Pat’s Rubber Legs” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Parachute Adams” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Sparkle Dun” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Elk Hair Caddis” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Conehead Bunny Muddler” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Copper John” = Tom Rosenbauer

“Stimulator” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Tunghead Wooly Bugger” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Rusty Spinner” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Zebra Midge” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Tunghead Hotspot Pheasant Tail Jig” - Tom  Rosenbauer

“Lefty’s Deceiver” - Tom Rosenbauer

“Perdigon Nymph” - Tom Rosenbauer (Facebook}

“Chubby Chernobyl Hopper” - Tom Rosenbauer (Facebook)

"Dragontail" - Tom Rosenbauer & David Mangum (Facebook)

"LaFontaine Deep Pupa" - Tom Rosenbauer

“CDC Mayfly Emerger” - Tom Rosenbauer (Coming)

“Kinky Muddler” - Tom Rosenbauer & Jonny King (Facebook)

“Classic Hendrickson” - Tom Rosenbauer (Facebook)

"SOS" - Tom Rosenbauer & Spenser Higa (Coming)

"Bead Head Hare's Ear" - Tom Rosenbauer (Facebook)

“Mike’s Meal Ticket” - Tom Rosenbauer & Mike Schmidt


“Double Bead Stonefly" - Tom Rosenbauer (Coming)

"The Gurgler" - Tom Rosebauer & Phil Monahan (Facebook)

Tying With Kelly Galloup

“Basic Wooly Bugger” - Kelly Galloup

“Conehead Marabou Muddler” - Kelly Galloup

“The Swimmy Jimmy” - Kelly Galloup

“Crazy Charlie” - Kelly Galloup

“Pheasant Tail” - Kelly Galloup

“Two Feather Fly” - Kelly Galloup

“The Gartside Hopper” - Kelly Galloup

“The LeTort Hopper” - Kelly Hopper

“The Sunk Ant” - Kelly Galloup

"No-Name Mayfly Mymph" - Kelly Galloup

"Peanut Envy Streamer" - Kelly Galloup

"The Corona Stoner"  (Stonefly) - Kelly Galloup

"Corona Caddis" - Kelly Galloup

"Nappy Sculpin" - Kelly Galloup

"Mini Bang Tail" - Kelly Galloup

"CH Barely Legal" - Kelly Galloup